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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  January 20, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PST

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a second car is pulled from a canal during the search for a young kidnap victim. why its tires are being analyzed and where authorities plan to look next. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> good evening i'm heather holmes in for julie haener. police tell ktvu that
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they'll be using sonar tomorrow. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is live at the boy's home and patterson with new cell one video of the missing 4-year-old. >> reporter: heather there is an agonizing wait going on in this patternson home. tonight the search for a missing 4-year-old is in cyber spac a facebook page has been posted titled find juliani cardena. today a distraught mother spoke to his son and the alleged man who abducted you. >> tell jose you want to come home. tell jose you want your mom. maybe he'll feel bad. i'm hoping that juliani can get him to be remorsable. >> reporter: authorities say, they have received numerous sightings from across the state of juliani, system jose esteban rodriguez and the carolla used to take the boy on tuesday. but so far nothing solid and
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there's no electronic trail. cell phone calls, credit card purchases. >> that is odd in itself. but there's an opportunity, the suspect had a lot of cash on him, the suspect may have been traveling cash. >> reporter: a witness says he saw a silver car plunge into the water 45 minutes after the kidnapping. it was a silver stolen lexus. the fbi is determining a thread analysis to determine if this was the car that made the tire tracks found on tuesday. sonar equipment will be used. and meanwhile, his mother has been showing us cell phone video. she is hope doing her best to
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keep attention on her son's case. dona avila says she is scared and nervous because she doesn't know what is going to happen. live in patterson, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. family members and sheriff's deputies are still holding out hope that juliani will be found alive. take a look at that 4-year-old again. he was wearing dark pants and a light but shirt when he was abducted on tuesday. here is another look at the suspect's silver toyota carolla being driven into a gas station zero minutes -- 30 minutes before the by was taken. he went inside and bought beer. the california license plate 6hbw445. stay with ktvu news for continuing coverage on this story. we will be live in patterson when crews plan to resume searching the canal. oakland school officials
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are investigating a disturbing report of second graders engaging in sexual activity in the classroom. our rita williams broke this story first at 5:00. she has the exclusive. >> reporter: school district officials say what apparently happened at this east oakland school is hard to fathom. >> no. >> i still don't know how it could happen. >> that was the reaction from parents today when we told them what officials confirmed to us apparently happened here last week at their children's school. markum elementary. >> as we understand, we believe that oral sex occurred. >> did occur. >> correct. >> reporter: that's oral sex inside one of the classrooms, between a boy and a girl both second graders. >> they're imitating what they are seeing, they didn't learn it at school. >> reporter: this afternoon the principal sent this letter home to parents telling them initial findings found not only that incident but another in the same classroom last week with several students at least
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partially undressing. >> it's not unheard of for children to engage in sexually explorative behavior at a young age. what's disturbing about this incident is it occurred in a classroom which is supposed to be a safe haven. >> reporter: this came to light yesterday when students told a teacher's aid who told the principal. >> it is an unfortunate situation. >> reporter: teachers will not say if anyone was released. second graders who observed on what involved in what happened are being offered counseling. >> rita williams, ktvu news. >> we posted the letter sent home to parents today on you can read it for yourself on the bay area news tab. an alameda county area judge announced that the two
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men accused of murdering the áf chauncey bailey must stand trial together. jury selection is scheduled to start next week with opening arguments to start next week. phillip and nancy garrido have agreed to stop their monthly conversations with one another rather than making them public. earlier this month, a judge halted their cars after a defense attorney argued they were trying to put a case together. >> bond was accused of 10 counts of perjury.
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his trial is expected to start in march. two surprise shake ups to tell you about at two of silican valley's best known companies. at google eric smidth is stepping down. the news over shadowed google's fourth quarter increase news. and meg whitman was named to hewlett packered's board. the energy declaration is largely procedural and affirms a similar one issued last month
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by former governor arnold schwarzenegger. today's paper work resets the clock giving legislators 45 days to deal with a budget. if they don't, they'll be blocked from conducting any other business until they do. the state department of corrections is delaying a $15 million reward to build a new death row in san quentin. the department says it needs more time to brief the brown administration about the proposed 445,000 square foot complex. the santos family says the governor should have notified them before he set someone to death. >> reporter: legal experts say the law they are counting on to protect them may have
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loopholes. >> this is not easy for us. >> reporter: fred and kathy sanchez say they are preparing themselves for the fight of their life. the death of their son. >> you have to live it every day. >> reporter: at a press conference held this afternoon in sacramento, they denounced former governor arnold schwarzenegger for reducing the sentence of esteban nunez, son of a council member. >> basically he will only have to do five more years, that's unacceptable. >> reporter: the santos may sight -- >> it looks to be required to receive notice that they have to request that. >> reporter: the santos said they did not make that request
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because it didn't seem necessary. >> the kid has been in jail for six months. we're not at the place where we should be asking for notification because he is supposed to be in there for 16 years. >> reporter: talk to the santos and they are prepared to take their battle to the supreme court. patti lee, ktvu news. will sunny weather warm up your weekend? >> a change store wants to move into this vacant building. we'll show you the battle that's brewing. >> it has nothing to do with politics it's pure
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new at 10:00 tonight, a neighborhood battle over a proposal to bring a new petco store. other pet shop owner led a revolt. amber lee has the story. >> reporter: petco wants to move into this building that once housed walgreens. but neighbors say it'll hurt the mom and pop pet stores
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within walking distance. ron smalls has owned this pet store for 15 years. he says in these tough economic times he's able to help pet owners in a way that a chain store, petco can't. >> i have people come in here and say, wow roy, i don't have any money today, i can pay you in a few day, i need dog food. take it. you know, are they going to do that? no way. >> this is a required mandatory meeting. >> reporter: petco wants to open a smaller boutique store called unleash. >> we're not trying to put anybody out of business. we think this is a nonfilled market we can serve. >> reporter: opponents say petco will hurt stores such as cal's.
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>> we will fight this very strongly to keep it out so that store is not destroyed. >> reporter: others say petco will be good for the neighborhood. >> i think it would help, you know help my business. and i just would like to see something move in there. >> reporter: back here live at the proposed sight. some neighbors have posted these signs opposing the chain store. petco officials say if the commission approved their proposal they could open these doors by the end of the summer. amber lee, ktvu news. now to the east bay where the morago school district superintendent says a boy is doing well after being overwhelmed by fumes. tenover his classmates went
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home early after saying they too felt sick. dozens of police officers responded to the california school for the deaf in fremont today after a 911 caller reported a mass shooting. greatfully it turned out to be a hoax. the school for the deaf and neighboring school for the blind were both locked down as police searched room by room. so far no one has been arrested. the school says it was a good way to test their emergency procedures. a woman who says she killed for the love of manson will not be getting out on parol. periwinkel was involved in the deaths of 10 people. the parol commissioner said the public is still in fear and that her crimes remain relevant. >> it's beening called one of the biggest mafia take downs in history. a total of 127 suspected mobsters and associated were gathered up in new york, new
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jersey. they are charged in a wide range of crimes including some that the u.s. attorney general called senseless. >> the victim was allegedly shot and killed during a botched robbery attempt. and two other murder victims allegedly were shot in a public bar because of a dispute over a spilled drink. >> the fbi says it's investigation worked because
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several mob members wore wires or told on others. on his radio show, limbaugh was taking about a speech given by chinese president at the white house. it went on like that for 17 second. >> maybe he doesn't care or doesn't think before he says it but i don't think that's necessary. >> reporter: fong describes being targeted with the same kind of mocking when he arrived in this country in high school. >> at first i would be angry but then i thought, they are just immature. >> the world is getting smaller and we need to work with everyone. if that kind of comment is not acceptable. >> reporter: san francisco state senator leland yee has demanded an apology from the radio talk show host. >> he should in fact, set a standard of how we treat the
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chinese with respect, because i believe that we want the chinese to respect that. the only way you get respect is if you give respect. >> reporter: edwards told me by homes that limbaugh's comments push complex issues. john sasaki. two psychiatrists are set to testify in a san mateo court on alexander yucoff. the trial is set to begin january 31st. yucoff has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. the trial of san francisco answer to spider man started today. he used suction cups to climb
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the millennium tower. when he completed the climb, police arrested him on several charges. including being a public nuisance. godwin is expected to take the witness stand on monday. concerns china may raise interest rates to slow its economic expansion sent stocks lower today. the dow industrial closed off two points. the markets weren't the only things down. home sales in the bay area fell 8% from around 7,800 to 7,200 homes last month. foreclosures made up 31% of last month's sales. the medium home price was also
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down 31%. meantime truck and pickup trucks are soaring. not as windy as last month. in the east bay hills last night. this is up by berkeley and oakland. the wind was howling. those winds have ended. now we have a bit of a northwest wind. that has kept things on the mild side tonight. overnight lows will be in the mid-30s, 40s side. 65 in fremont with 70 in oakland. nice daytime high. your friday just take a snapshot and roll those into friday. because we'll see lots of 60s. everyone some low 70s. when is it going to rain? not for a while. we're not going to see rain until the start of the february. i have to load up the computer model we're taking a look at the potentialfor fog and the potential for wind and how warm those temperatures can get on saturday. and teenager died after he
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fell and struck a tree while walking down a slick mountainside. 15-year-old mason ortiz family says he wasn't snow boarding at the time of the accident. they said he was walking down the reno area resorts slide mountain section because it was too icy. he wasn't wearing his helmet at the time. she was kidnapped 24 years ago. coming up the incredible reunion between a mother and daughter and how it finally happened. the military needs officers
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after being kidnapped from a new york city hospital more than two decades ago. a woman was reunited with her mother today. 23-year-old carlina wise spent the day trying to get to know
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her birth mother. her ordeal began when someone walked out of the hospital with her when she was just 9 years old. she became suspicious when the woman raising her could not provide a birthday certificate for her. she ran across this picture on the story. >> everyone when i was looking at it, it looked just like my daughter. i looked at that story for about two hours. >> reporter: nearly two weeks after she was shot in the head congresswoman giffords recovery by all accounts is remarkable. >> the congresswoman continues to do remarkably.
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you are hearing things like she's beginning to stand with assistance. she's scrolling on an i pad. >> she will smile at me. she will do a couple of things that she will only do about me like pat me in the face. she used to do that before. just very gently. i can just look in her eyes and tell. >> reporter: giffords is supposed to leave tomorrow to a rehabilitation hospital in houston. >> we hope to continue that process at the next facility where she visits. >> reporter: husband mark kelly also believes his wife is attempting to speak but the breathing tube makes that difficult. he said she would be proud of the public support they have received. >> i know one of the first things gabby is going to want to do as soon as she's able too
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is start writing thank you notes. >> reporter: in washington, i'm samantha hayes. also in washington, d.c. tonight, president obama is among those gathered to honor the 50th anniversary of the inauguration of the president john f. kennedy. mr.obama remarked on how fresh kennedy's message is decades later. >> none of it feels dated. everyone know. one-half century later. there's something about that day, january 20th 1961. that feels immediate. feels new and urgent and exciting. >> it was during his inauguration speech, kennedy delivered his famous line, ask not not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.
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does g.i. joe have a place in the farm? stanford university is considering reintroducing the r.o.c.t. program. >> reporter: we are still in the same place where there was
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a bomb fire in opposition. but times, they are achanging. >> it's exhausting, i mean there's a lot of stanford activities that i might be involved in. >> if she didn't run between schools every day. the off campus classes will make them military officers but will not count toward their stanford degree. >> i know there's people who want to do r.o.t.c. classes but they are not offered on campus. >> i don't see it as being a problem. >> reporter: the anti war passion caused many elite schools to pull the r.o.t. c. and prohibitions on serving openly gay reenforced that. now many believe that the
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military and civilian line needs to narrow. >> in some sorts we have an army and that's not healthy in a democracy. >> there's a lot of critical thinking involved. i think that is what stanford is striving to teach it students. >> soon graduates, the military intelligence officer so a renewed won't help her but will attract others. a decision should come at any time. debra villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. and the total cost between 2004 and 2009 was $193 million. about 3,600 active military personnel were forced out. and the cost to find and train a repolice station for each of
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those soldiers was $18,600. and identical twins enlisted on the same day. melissa and mayland ventura signed up to join the army a few days before christmas eve. a few days later, their mother died of cancer. she had already given them their blessing. the two said they had been interested in the military and thought it was time. >> we had to share our whole life. we thought, this is something where we'll separated, and make us more independent. >> the twins will go to boot camp then they'll be going on their separate waits for the first time. and a new admission policy already in place at uc berkeley will be put in place at other universities. it's called holistic review.
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the board of regents unanimously approved expanding the process statewide. san francisco assess or wants the city to write fewer parking violation tickets. that's because ticket revenue is down $7 million during the current fiscal year. but the city assessor says the 65-dollar fine for a parking ticket is just too high. >> i don't think that that's an honest way to raise revenue in san francisco. or really in any jurisdiction. >> reporter: sing has launched a petition. we should note that sing is also planning on running for mayor. a new pizza restaurant in san rafael is going to have to tone down it's paint job. the pizza orgasmica is a bright
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yellow and green. city council told the owner it was too bright. the owner said that the color was meant to reflect their brazilian heritage but that they will change it. authorities are warning business owners of chinese new year crime. rob roth was there as officers delivered their security message. >> reporter: san francisco police officials went store to store along san bruno avenue. with the chinese new year celebration about a week away, police came with a message that this happy time can bring a darker side. >> the asian and local criminals are also out to prey on potential victims. the season brings opportunity for extortion from small businesses, street robberies and pickpocketing, burglary and home invasions. >> reporter: in past year, such warnings were referred to merchants in china town.
12:05 am
but now they've seen the crimes in portola. >> we will be remised if we didn't try to get out in front of it knowing that it's happened in the past. so that's exactly what we're trying to do. >> reporter: here in san bruno market, the owner says it gets busier this time of year. >> the neighborhood gets really busy because people are getting ready for new year. >> reporter: and the owner here says she knows what to do if she see something happen. >> reporter: if you see something, you're going to call police. >> yeah, yeah, of course. >> reporter: and that's what police want. for residents not to be afraid if they see something to call them. police are asking help locating a man that suffers from dementia. 57-year-old jose value at
12:06 am
valdez is still missing tonight. jose valdez -- nasa changes its shuttle schedule. what it means for the shuttle to be retired this year. for now the temperatures are dropping. it's kind of cool out there. the weekend it is in stride. i'll let you know how warm it could get in your neighborhood. believe it or not,
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there's no way to hide it. if you drive drunk, we will find you. cops everywhere are stepping up enforcement... and cracking down like never before. sir, have you been drinking tonight? sir, have you been drinking this evening? sir, have you been drinking tonight? make no mistake. you will get caught and you will be arrested. over the limit. under arrest.
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a santa rosa man with 19dui offenses is heading back to jail. part of his probation included unannounced searches. that's when the alcohol was found. and it was three years ago dough castello was found bludjent to death. police are running out of the leads and are asking for help. the windows have caulking that could be toxic, because of that it's going to be very costly to get rid of them. the navy told nasa it'll take $9 million to save them as some preservationist might like. nasa announced today that it is adding one more mission. there had been two remaining
12:10 am
flights before the shuttle fleet was retire. now nasa has also set a target law launch date for atlantis. one problem though, the funding is not all in place. on january 17, 1991 the u.s. began bombing baghdad. the war was triggered by the invasion of kuwait. president bush said today, history will show that the united states got it right. >> the liberation of kuwait. >> tonight a representative of the kuwait thanked the former president for liberating the country. in news of the world
12:11 am
tonight in iraq, militants struck again, three more times today. three car bombs exploded a check point around the holy city of karbala. a series of attacks has killed some 70 people and raised concerns about the effectiveness of iraq's security forces. in tenisia a large crowd tried to scale a fence. the army stopped them by firing shots. tanasia has struggled to find a new president since the former president left the country. and to be the, wiretaps have surfaced suggesting that mr. burlosconi hosted wild parties with topples women and
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paid prostitutes for sex. and he offered an underage teenager moroccan girl money for her silence. she denies that
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nearly $115 billion in lost time sitting in traffic in 2009. that's the bad news from a actual study of traffic congestion that was released today. as consumer editor reports today, there was also good news for the bay area. >> reporter: being late for work cost employees and employers money. and we all pay more when goods delivery are delayed. the average commuter burned an
12:15 am
extra 38-gallonsover fuel -- gallons of fuel sitting in traffic. still, it's an improvement around here. >> looking at san francisco oakland we've fallen out of the top five. for the last years we've been in the top five, and for a lot of years we were as high as number two. >> reporter: last year it plunged to number nine. drivers we spoke today just don't perceive it. >> reporter: do you sometimes avoid going because it's so crowded. >> yeah, yeah, pretty much. >> reporter: if it's congested maybe i will go to walnut creek. maybe i won't. >> reporter: uc berkeley's world renowned traffic institute says new technology, road sensors, metered lights have improved things a lot too. >> one factor which is very important for people to know is not so much what is the condition but how much time is going to take that person to go from point a to point b. >> i think that's very helpful actually. i like those a lot.
12:16 am
i use those all the time. if i'm coming here i won't stop or take a different rout. >> reporter: these electronic highway signs will compare driving time to transit times. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. chicago and washington, d.c. tied for the most congested area at 70 hours per commuter. los angeles came in third, houston fourth, and baltimore fifth at 50 hours per commuter. the san francisco-oakland area came in sixth with 49 hours. bay area roadways are in line for more than $100 million in improvements. the california transportation commission announced today that it is providing more than $90 million for hov lanes. and 21.8 million for a traffic synchronization program in alameda counties. makers of an alternative fuel are on the verge of a
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victory. they are expected to announce that gasoline made of ethanol is safe for cars and trucks. opponents of ethanol say it diverts corn from animal feed which will make food more expensive. the company filed suit in federal court today arguing the fcc over stepped their authority the. in a statement today the company said it is committed to preserving an open internet that meets the need of its customers. with the clock ticking down on this year's surf contest. mavericks, the contestants voted today and decided not to
12:18 am
hold the contest. it's the contestants that vote and decide whether to gather. today they decided that the waves predicted for this weekend just won't be big enough. and as we head outside, i will show you temperatures on the cool side. we have 43 right now in santa rosa. 43 in napa. the forecast highs tomorrow they are coming back up. today we saw numbers that reach into the, well they reach into the 70s in some of the warm spots. there's the satellite loop. all i want to show you here is bay area and the jet stream way to the north of us. that's a ridge of high pressure. it sets us up number one with a cool low. not freezing necessarily. you will find a freezing temperature, but most of us mid- 30s. it'll just be chilly. mostly sunny, clear and cool as you send the kids to school and
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you go to work. at lunchtime when you start to think about the weekend. temperatures low 60s, mostly sunny. as you head home, 3:00, 4:00 you're going to do temperatures in the mid-60s. really nice friday. nothing has really changed. it's a big week. scoured the fog out of the valley and out of our inland bay valleys. clear skies outside tonight. means a dry weather pattern. dries everything in the pacific well to the north of us. the computer model just for fun. you see clouds come in. friday at 8:00. this is looking for rain and clouds. and look at everything going this way on saturday. that's an offshore flow. that's all the high clouds going away. that tells me high pressure is around. clears out again. that means high pressure. the computer saying hey, saturday is dominated by high pressure so we're set up for a nice warm to mild weekend. lot like what we're going to
12:20 am
see tomorrow. might be a little patchy fog late in the weekend but that's about it. forecast highs, santa clara valleys, mid-50s, upper 60s. out along the coast, in santa cruz and half-moon bay, you're going to find a couple of 70s. and the five day forecast is a dry one. a nice one. there's no rain in it. we will see some rain. of course we'll see some rain. right now, the first week in february looks like there might be something real juicy on tap. i know that's a long ways out. looks like we have something coming but not for a week or so. >> thanks, bill. >> first lady michelle obama ramped up her anti obesity campaign today helping wal-mart unveil it's new healthy initiative. >> yes, we can improve the way we sell food we can do that.
12:21 am
>> reporter: the retail giant is cutting prices of fresh fruits and reformulating thousands of label products to reduce sodium and transfats. for the first time in 150 years an african american will lead an all woman's college. she will be the
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gambling is coming back to the old resorts in tahoe once owned by frank sinatra. now a new organization has a contract for the gambling organization. strategic and gaming management fromrenoo hopes to get approval and be in service in a few week. there's plenty of reason to
12:25 am
believe the worse is behind the warriors and lots of time ahead to completely right the ship. they were looking pretty sharp against vancouver. down 1-0 in the second. a designing goal from couture. first of the year for him, that leads the shark. only shoot out provided by joe pevelti shooting 51% in the shoot out and the sharks have now won three in a row. it's nice to see someone around here come out a winner because it wasn't happening for cal or stanford on the basketball floor tonight. one in a rout, the other in a rat race. alan crab will get it to richard sol solomon. crabs will hit a three the first of the game for cal to tie it but the play continues
12:26 am
on. watch what happens. the bruinses will wind up getting a pretty decent shot but it will not fall. ucla bonkers in an 86-83 win. 65-42 worse shooting percentage for the cardinal. they go a horrendous 22% from the floor. st.mary gail fans going to love the look of this game. gonzaga goes down. and foster had a whole lot to do with it. break away action right there. at one point he háeut 11 straight points for santa clara -- he hit 11 straight points for santa clara. broncos putting themselves on everybody's radar with this victory while elsewhere usf getting the better of portland. i tell you what if you have any teenagers in the house you are well aware the dangers of
12:27 am
texting. here's an adult who should know better. a sports caster taken to class. >> showed me a text message that you wrote about me in sidney. >> what did you say? >> you thought i was pregnant. >> oh, nice. >> let me say what was written in the message. first it said, she looks really grumpy and her [ bleep ] look bigger >> well that's the end of my career, thank you. >> and the very susceptible signing week for them concluding. with torre agreeing to a deal that will bring them 2.1 billion. a break off year, great center and gives the 33 outfielder his
12:28 am
best deal every. left hand specialist out of the pen. lopez will also help anchor the bullpen. spring training creeping up on us and giants looking all put together. >> yeah, exciting times. thanks mark. >> be
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